Stories told..

As Writer & Director
Bad Company: HD feature
(Produced by Sparkler and Plastic Buddha Productions)
Angry Positions: Super 16mm short
(Produced by Those People)
All my Mum’s Friends are Dead: Super 16mm
(Broadcast on ITV1 and Short-listed for DM Davies Award 2002 at the International Film Festival Wales)
Buzzing Noises: DV Short
(Broadcast on ITV1)
CF5 24/6: DV Documentary (pilot)
Moves (Reprise): DV Short
(Screened at Chapter Arts Centre as part of Experementica)
Something to do with the genes: DV Short
(Broadcast on ITV under the title Be True to yourself)
 Closed Pit: DV Short (Broadcast on ITV)
D48 NNY: DV Short
185 Cubic Meters: DV Short
Missing You: DV Short (Broadcast on ITV)
Back: DV Short (Broadcast on ITV)
Flying Solo: DV Short (Broadcast on ITV)
Morning Sickness: DV Short (Broadcast on ITV)As Director
Paladin: HD Short
The life & Life of Horace: Digi-Beta Short / 35mm print
(With production fund from the Arts Council of Wales)
Tarot Mechanic : High Definition / 35mm print
(Commissioned by Sgrin – Screen Gems 3)
(Broadcast on ITV1)
As Producer
Screen Gems 5: Five short films shot on HD / 35mm print
Day at the Beach
(Nominated for Bafta Cymru 2005)
They Walk by Day
Two Dragons
To the Wall
(All 5 films fully financed by Sgrîn, ITV 1 Wales, The Welsh Development Agency and the Arts Council of Wales.)
The Main Event: DVCam short
(Lottery / UK Film Council’s First Light initiative
As Executive Producer
Scratching: 35mm Short
(With Production fund from The Arts Council of Wales)
As an Associate Producer
Penny Collectors: Super 16mm short
(With Production fund from The Arts Council)EDUCATION AND TRAINING 2006 – 2007 Guiding Lights Scheme
One of the twenty-five filmmakers participating in the scheme.
 2004 Adept 2 Arista Development
(As a Writer / Director on feature script – Hope for Jody)
 2003 Development Skills for Producers
Arista Development & Sgrin
2002 Designing and Writing Treatments Workshop 
Arista Development & Cyfle
2000 Trainee Producer course
Sgrin – Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales
 1996-1999 Film + Video B.A (HONS) 2:1
Newport Film School, Wales

As Writer
Feature Film Script ‘Child of War’
Feature Film Script ‘Light & Dark’
Feature Film Script ‘Brotherly Love
One hour TV Pilot ‘Enterprises
One hour TV Pilot ‘Coach C
Feature Film Script ‘Life Balancers
Feature Film Script ‘Foot Soldiers
Feature Film Script ‘Hope for Jody
(With Script Development from The Arts Council of Wales)

Previous corporate clients include..