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Child of War
Child of War is based on a combination of real stories and events from my year filming child soldiers for the charity, SOS Children’s Villages. An eleven-year-old, Sudanese boy is separated from his family when the local militia burns down his village. After, experiencing many atrocities as a child soldier in a brutal war, the boy finds himself walking across Sudan with a stray Donkey for company. The story captures the relationship of the child and the donkey as he tries to survive a journey through a war-torn country.

Life Balancers
2029: It is known that Positive and Negative Ions have a profound effect on our moods and behaviour. Subjected to too many positive ions we eventually become lethargic, depressed and angry – which is ultimately leading to the breakdown of society as we know it. But the government have a plan with the introduction of a new kind of social worker called a ‘Life Balancer’.

Hope For Jody
A young girl is kidnapped from a poor housing estate, fleeing the kidnapper crashes into a truck full of sheep. The girl escapes, concussed she wanders off into the local woodland, becoming more and more confused and lost. A sheep from the carnage escapes and wanders off back to the housing estate, to Jody’s worried parents and a local, neurotic youth, Lee. Who befriends the lost sheep and finds the confidence and self-belief to break the communal expectations that are imposed on himself and the rest of the residents of the estate, who’s seemingly ordinary lives have never been so colourful.

Two teenage boys from a South Wales council estate decide to become entrepreneurs or what they call ‘Enterprises’ in the hope of making some beer money. After a few failed attempts they may have just hit the jackpot with bullet proof mobility scooters.

Foot Soldiers
A bungled Post Office robbery leads to two inner city council estate youth being locked in a small space with the people they despise the most – the Police!

Light & Dark Book Cover

Light & Dark
In a time where more and more people are turning to and finding enlightenment, the dark forces are fighting back. The dark forces are possessing the bitter and negative people and turning them into blood crazed creatures intent on destroying all the light and good in people. A reckless and carefree boy meets a spiritual and conscientious girl and in an attempt to impress her, he begins a quest for spiritual enlightenment. He has to tame his darker side and find his lighter side in order to win the girl and escape. But the path to enlightenment brings with it a duty to help mankind and rise against the consuming dark forces, in the form of blood-crazed zombies!