Child of War

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I graduated from film school in 1999 and have won and been nominated for many awards in my filmmaking career, but it was not until I spent a year travelling around Africa, filming the lives of orphaned children for the charity SOS children’s villages that I truly believed I could use my filmmaking skills to change people’s lives.

I taught the children how to use a camera to tell their own unique stories and in doing so we realised that they were universal across the world. They showed me the strength and resilience of the human spirit and I knew then that my next project had to about sharing their voices. During the project, I was fortunate enough to spend time with children in Morocco, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ethiopia and Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and Sudan.


The images and stories I captured of their lives have never left me, but none so much as the ‘”Child Soldiers”. Some of these children tell of carrying guns bigger than themselves and being forced to perform atrocities that would make a grown man weep, yet somehow with the help of various charities and aid workers, these children have found a way to heal and to become children again.