Bad Company

Bad Company was my first feature film, a Psychological thriller that was independently released in 2010.

The film was screened at various festivals and won ‘Best Feature Film’ and ‘Best in Festival’ at Crystal Palace Film Festival.

The film can be purchased on DVD for £4.99 including p&p through PayPal using the link below.

A young woman trapped in an abusive relationship is given a way out by a friend from the past. But has she really escaped… as it soon becomes apparent that she is still being watched. The only question is by who?

I really enjoyed BAD COMPANY. It doesn’t at all have the air of something written to be affordable, the plot centres quite naturally on the two houses. It’s gripping, has an original tone of voice, pulls no punches and is equally uncomfortably amusing and disturbing, all good characteristics in my book. Christopher Hampton
Shorts director King’s debut feature starts off rooted in kitchen sink social drama, before taking a sharp turn into a housebound thriller that holds some favourable echoes of Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave.Sier gives a stand-out performance as the repressed Jane, whose chance to gain some independence is curtailed by the questionable actions of those around her. She’s deeply convincing and makes for a likeable heroine. King keeps his audience guessing throughout as to the motives of his characters – even those of Jane herself – and wrings some nice moments of suspense as the film heads to its climax.
Neth Knowles; Indie Flicks

A young woman escapes domestic violence but finds she’s still mixing in bad company. A classic tale of obsession, Jane wrestles free from David’s twisted love, thanks to a best friend from the past. Once Jane re-establishes her identity, she begins to breathe easily again. But this is a psychological thriller, so things will never be quite that easy, and Jane soon realises she no longer knows whom to trust. Shot in Wales over 17 days on an HD RED camera, this low-budget film is one high-quality production.

Cornwall Film Festival